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At Direct Carpet Co, we go to great lengths to give you exceptional service. So whether your a homeowner or landlord, our hassle-free home selection service ensures a quick response time and professional fitting, along with a great choice of carpets.

Why choose a Direct Carpet Co British wool carpet?

  • They’re of low lustre, highly crimped and prized as having more bulk and resilience than most other carpet wool.
  • They’re easily maintained, resist soiling, repel surface spills and respond well to cleaning.
  • They’re safe, non-slip and naturally fire resistant.
  • They reproduce colour well and ensure the very best clarity and definition of design.
  • It’s an ecologically advantageous choice, the carpets are grown naturally from a renewable source and completely recyclable and biodegradable.
  • They promote comfort and wellbeing, with insulation properties, which reduce noise, heat loss, condensation and improve indoor air quality.
  • Below are just some of the trusted, quality British carpet manufacturers we use:

  • Adam Carpets
    A company who make tufted patterned carpets, using the finest wool at brilliant prices. Visit Adam Carpets’ website.
  • Axminster
    In 1755 Thomas Whitty wove the first Axminster, the company continue to make quality carpets today. Find out more about Axminsters. Visit Axminster carpets’ website
  • Brintons
    IModern designs by designers you know. Visit Brinton’s website.
  • Bronte
    The best in bespoke carpets, any size, any colour. Visit Bronte Carpets’ website.
  • Brockway
    Renowned as a producer of award-winning carpets, created using skilled manpower.Visit Brockway’s website.
  • Cavalier
    They began selling carpet to home owners from a market stall, then began building a reputation as a leading British manufacturer in the early 70's
  • Cormar
    Quality and value as standard. Visit Comar Carpets’website.manufacturer in the early 70's
  • Kersaint Cobb
    Pride Themselves in offering a little savvy style for everybody.Visit Kersaint Cobbs' website.
  • Mayfield
    A distinguished name in the carpet trade, if a carpet has a good backing it will perform better. With a 7oz natural jute back, free from harmful substances, this carpet is quality assured and safe.Visit Mayfield Carpets’ website.
  • Penthouse
    Source the best raw materials to produce a fine carpet at a very reasonable price. Penthouse do their best to keep the landfills clean and empty.Visit Penthouse Carpets’ website.
  • Ulster
    Ulster believe your home is a place where you can express yourself and reveal your personality. With a variety of collections for the home, there’s a look for everyone. Visit Ulster Carpets’ website.
  • Victoria
    A well-established name you can trust. Visit Victoria Carpets’ website.
  • Westex
    Moth and dust mite proof to keep asthma sufferers safe. It’s also treated with guardsman to keep stains at bay and comes in five widths to reduce waste and save money. Visit Westex Carpets’ website.
  • Whitestone Weavers
    A young company established in 1991 offering patterned and plain Axminster weave carpet. They have an eco-friendly paperless approach.Visit Whitestone Weavers’ website.

Types Of Carpet

Buying a carpet is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your home. At Direct Carpet
Co we have a large selection of all types of carpets, from leading carpet manufacturers.

For the uninitiated buying a new carpet can be a bit of a minefield. To help you, below are descriptions
of our most popular types of carpet.

Twist pile carpet

These are undoubtedly the most popular style of carpet in the UK at present and Direct Carpet Co have a massive choice of “twists". Twist pile carpet is usually manufactured from 80% wool and 20% synthetic or 100% synthetic. Which is right for you? It depends on your budget. The best twist pile carpet is made from 80% British or New Zealand Wool and 20% Nylon. These however, will be the more expensive carpets. Probably the most popular type of twist is manufactured from 100% polypropylene. These will not wear as well as a good quality wool twist, though they are easy to clean. However a good quality polypropylene carpet will perform better than a cheap 80/20 Carpet. Many cheap 80/20s are made from recycled wool, another way of saying second hand! At Direct Carpet Co we'll be happy to advise you on the best carpet for you.

Berber carpets

The term Berber is derived from the Berber Tribe, the indigenous people of North Africa. In carpet terms it has come to mean natural coloured carpets usually with flecks of dark or light colour within it. They are usually made from a loop pile construction and can be made from either natural or synthetic fibres. In line with other styles of carpet, Berbers will differ greatly in both price and quality. Again, Direct Carpet Co are able to advise you on your options.

Axminster carpets

If you had to think of a word associated with carpet you'd probably think of Axminster! Axminster is both the name of the carpet manufacturer and the method of production. It means that the pile of the carpet is woven through the backing, unlike modern tufted carpets where the pile is bonded to the backing. The name derives from the Devon town of Axminster, where the carpets were first manufactured over 250 years ago. Axminster carpets are usually patterned and manufactured from 80% wool and 20% nylon. They represent the top end of carpet manufacturing in the UK. Direct Carpet Co have a huge selection of Axminsters from many manufacturers.