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Wool vs.

Which is better: Wool vs. Synthetic

Below are a few things to think of before you make your final choice.

If your main concern are stains (juice, pets, tea…), then synthetic may be the best option, as most are stain resistant, from basic synthetic fibers, to those treated with Teflon and other solutions.

No carpet is spill proof, but if a spill were left to soak into a wool carpet, it would eventually seep past the natural oils in the wool, and stain the fiber permanently.

Whereas in a synthetic carpet, if a spill were to be left for some time, you’re more likley to get the stain up with a heavy duty PH neutral stain removal solution. This is because the stain usually cannot penitrate into the synthetic fibers like it can natural fibers such as wool.

If your main concern is lifespan & durability, wool is recommended. A wool carpet can last a lifetime. Each wool fiber has a three- dimensional spiral shape, like a crimp. Giving it elasticity. This elasticity means that a wool fiber can stretch up to a third its original length and then bounce back just like a miniature spring. You will get the same reaction when it’s compressed. Resilience. Something wool is born with. This natural resilience permits wool carpet to withstand all the day-to-day traffic you can give it. A good wool carpet can recover easily from the unsightly crushing caused by furniture.

General dirt is not considered a stain. Wool carpet has the ability to repel day to day dirt, like a micro-fibre cloth attracts it.

The way wool is constructed on a microscopic level and the natural oils found in wool, means the dirt stays on top of the carpet. You can vacumm it up with ease.

Synthetic carpets are harder to keep clean from this perspective.

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